Music Catch

Use your mouse to collect the shapes that appear with the soothing music. Yellow shapes give you a bonus and multiply your points, but red shapes cut your multiplier in half. Purple shapes turn your mouse into a purple-powered black whole. Try to get as many points as you can by the end of the song.

This is one of the most soothing things I've have done online. This is a simple and fun game was done by Reflexive Entertainment ( The music in the game is “Before Dawn” by Isaac Shepard.

Time spent playing : 30 minutes

Keyboard Drumset

By Ron Winter. I loved this application, the keyboard becomes your sound board and the sounds bites are interesting enough to keep you occupied for a couple of minutes. If you can get 3 computers going at once it make for a great collaboration opportunity.

Interactive games

Cartelle is a digital advertising agency in Amsterdam. Their site offers a couple of interactive "toys" you can play from laying down a line of fire crackers down and lighting them to popping balloons as they fly off. Nicely thought out games.

Martin Anderle Portfolio site

A great piece of design. This is Martin Anderle's portfolio site. I love how the background works and how it changes as you roll over the different links. You could just stare at it for minutes. I'm sure the technique could be used more conceptually, but awesome none the less.

The Vacuum

This is a site for an agency called The Vacuum based in British Colombia, Canada that does it all. I especially like the navigation, turn on "flyMode"and next thing you can fly thro a bunch of ice hockey pucks floating in a "vacuum", get it. It's very cool.

One for me, one for you.

Cadbury's is giving away $100 000 for you and a charity of your choice. This clever microsite makes clever use of the medium with some double mouse action. It' s not going to revolutionise the world, but it's simple and smart and gets the idea across very nicely. by The Vacuum and THE H1VE.

The Profiler.

Combine Facebook with Youtube and Flickr, and you have a website that lets you discover more of the things you find interesting and your friends find interesting. I love how your
Facebook pictures make up of your Facebook profile, in 3D. Nice.


This site is for an interior design studio run by Masamichi Katayama. The website's main index is a grid structure that reacts to the mouse roll-over, organically changing its form. Another awesome interactive navigation.

Organic grid.

Organic Grid is a portfolio site where creatives from different fields showcase there work. What I really like about this is the navigation interface. It's interactive and fun. The colour scheme also changes every time you go back to the main menu.

Shapeshifter. Capture your own unique wallpaper.

An audio visual music experience by Resn. Capture your own unique desktop wallpaper while you listen to the tunes of Shapeshifter, a New Zealand dance band. Very cool loading page.

Click and drag to navigate.

I love the click and drag naviation of this site. The site or "shell" is a reaction to the standards and templets of the contempory website. It challenges the idea of 'space' in a browser window, and on top of that its' a really fun way to navigate thro a website.

Interacting banners.

Apple banner
Zippo banner


These remind me of doing clever tactical ads in the classifieds in the newspaper... about 5 years ago. Except now the possibilities are endless online.

Motorola light painting.

Use your cellphone's backlight light and your webcam to "light paint" your own web banner. I love the interactive nature of it. The only problem is you have to be in a dark room or it has to be night time to do it. All is explained in this video :


The interactive story of the last great supply of fresh drinking water on Earth made by the National Film BOard of Canada and Jam3media. I love the navigation and it makes learning about water not too much of a mission.

adidas AG. Y-3 Lightbox.

Relaunch the website for the fashion label Y-3. This has an awesomely simple interface with clear usability that quickly leads users to product details. The navigational grid is made of walking models in "lightboxes".

Cafe World

Facebook's new application "Cafe World" has been keeping my co workers busy for hours. You get to create and run your own restaurant from the comfort of your cubicle. You choose your theme, your food, your floor layout. It's a total time waster. The trick is you have to wait for things to finish cooking and if something is going to be another minute then you have to wait for that minute else it will spoil. Then when it's done another meal is just minutes away from from being cooked. The more tables you have, the more buzz around your cafe and choosing the right things to cook will bring the people into your place which turns into money and your cafe will be a success and you can rub it in your friends faces. It's genius.

Once you pop...

Clever banner for Pringles. Firstly it kept my attention for over 2 minutes, secondly I probably clicked on it about 100 times (honestly I lost count), and thirdly it doesnt take you to the website. I'm actually a little a jealous it's not mine.

Puma banner

Puma: Lift Scales on BannerBlog

Love is never lost.

On this site you get asked a series of questions that then decided weather or not you should break up with your significant other. It then gives you the option to send him/her a breakup SMS. Then you can navigate to the other half of the site which is a dating portal where you can find new love. They boast over 26000 people signed up with 39 relationships formed and 4 marriages, and the 134th largest dating site in the world, but quite possibly the coolest.

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From the dark past.

It feels like you are flying in a chopper at night searching for a fugitive with a spotlight.
Seek and destroy. Could make for a cool online game.

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A digital kaleidoscope.


Customise a kaleidoscope and feel like a unique snowflake. This kept my attention for about a minute, but it was a fun minute. Seems like a fashion client would make the best use of this app.

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