Pixel Games

Dino Run by Pixel Jam is a great game with an awesome plot - a meteor has hit the earth and you (the baby dinosaur) must run away, as fast as you can, from a fiery death and therefore avoid extinction! What else do you need? Great game play. Whats makes it interesting is that it looks like a video game from the late 80's. So basic and simple yet so appealing. Pixel Jam have a load more pixel games to play on their site.

Another guy who is doing some interesting things with pixel games is Mark Essen. His old school style games goes to show you don't need  fancy graphics if you get the game play right. Most of his games have no real goal, and it's still okay, they are so therapeutic to play you don't mind spending the time. Zen games I believe it's called.

South Africa 2010: Twitter Buzz

This nifty little gadget designed my the in-house guys at CNN is a graphic representation of what is being tweated about at the 2010 World Cup. So the more tweats about the subject, the larger the graphic. In this image Japan and Netherlands were just about to start their group match. You can flick between countries to players to topics and follow the tournament's most popular topic in real time - flags for teams; photos for individual players; etc. Lovely piece of work.

Mathieu Badimon's Laboratory

Some simple experiments by Mathieu Badimon. I enjoyed the 7 experiments on show in his lab. They have the makings of the beginning stages of a  cool navigation or interactive feature on a site.

Uniforms for the Dedicated

The brand is 'Uniforms for the Dedicated'. This site is an innovation in navigation. Take a visual journey through a moment frozen time - as you pass the goings on in the scene you can click on the clothing and all the details about the item come up. Very slick, extremely engaging and an amazing execution. A new benchmark by Nute and Anders Hellman.

Interactive music video

The band is name is Shihad, and this is their music video for the song "Sleepeater". They got 100 fans, spun them around, threw water at them, and shot it at 1000 frames per second. The interface is awesome and the site is completely interactive and captures your attention. By Oktobor and Sam Peacock.


250 quality online flash games. Say no more.


Guess-the-google (created by Grant Robinson) is a guessing game based on Google's image search. You get 16 images presented to you and you have 20 seconds to guess the correct word that connects all the pictures. This is an additive game and I love the simple design and interface.

How many people are in Space right now?

Ever wonder how many people there are in space right at this very moment? Well wonder no more, this site will answer that question very simply.

Sketch Face Creation

Be your own Police Sketch Artist... or just see if you can "sketch" a decent likeness of your friends. This is a cool site where you can do just that. You have a choice of many types of noses, mouths and hair styles to chose from. Sketch it up, upload it, download it and make your friends look like wanted criminals.

Slingshot the Castle

These forms of game seems to be quite popular at the moment. iPhone even has an app where you shoot birds out of a sling shot to destroy other birds. Always fun and captivating, each level is easy enough to get yet still challenging it keeps you going until you have completed the entire game.

uʍop ǝpısdn ǝʇıɹʍ

Trick your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Skype by using this nifty devise. As you type your message in the top text box, it appears in the lower text box but... wait for... it's upside down. A simple copy and paste and Whammy! your social networking circles will be baffled by your magical wizardry.


This is a cool little game I found. You have to try keep your cursor safe from the little ninja guy who tries many different tactics to destroy it including attempting to smash it with a giant pipe and sending a heat seeking missile after it. He's a quick little bugger and if he gets you then the game is over and the time starts again. You can't let the cursor leave the blue square either or the time starts again. from www.onemorelevel.com


by Tânia Falcão. The same woman's face is shown 4 times and each one holds a different expression. When you click on one of the faces it will either be happy, sad, angry, etc. The cool thing is how the faces interact with each other and how is captures motions and sensations through drawing and 2D digital animation technology. Nice design, nicely done.

Experiments by Peter Blaskovic

This is Peter Blaskovic's (3D animator and designer) portfolio site. He has programmed some "experiments" including 'BioLaboratory' (an interactive Petri dish), where you can play with different types of cells. You can change their attributes, relationship between them and attract them with biomagnetic field, and then my personal favourite 'Fire Simulation 3' where you can create and mix fire fluids, draw wooden or stone walls, burn them up, create particles, air emitters and burn it all with fireball. With most of these projects you can always change and adjust the variables which keeps you involved in the experiment and you find yourself spending a lot more time playing with them. 

Rafaël Rozendaal

Pull on a toilet roll, slam endless doors, turn pages and do other basic tasks that sound mundane and boring, however the colourful landscapes and simple design is engaging and fun for a few seconds each.

The original Star Wars Lightsaber Simulator


Developed by guerrestellari.it, grab the Lightsaber of your favourite Star Wars character, click the mouse to turn on your pure plasma lazor sword and wield it like a Jedi or a Sith. This is a simple but very effective way to bring Star Wars online and bring a Star Wars fan closer to their Jedi Masters and realising their dreams of becoming Jedi Masters themselves. Time spent playing : 10 minutes

Card Toss

by Pod Digital Design. Made for the USA Card Brands this game takes the classic time killing game of tossing cards into a hat and adapts it into a cool time killing game of tossing cards into a hat online. Time spent playing : 15 mintues

Take a Virtual Tour of the Sistine Chapel

By Villanova University of Pennsylvania (USA). Now you can visit the Sistine Chapel from the comfort of your own bed.